Bonsai Foi is the online shop for printed goodies, by Australian graphic designer and illustrator Fiona Lee.


Based in Melbourne Australia, Fiona Lee creates hand-drawn and digital delights on the reg. Since 2002 she has created graphics for her wonderful clients and by night (and some unusually productive weekends) she weaves visuals to her own tune.

Born in the sleepy peninsular of Redcliffe, Brisbane to her Marine Biologist Father and Librarian Mother, Fiona was raised on an Avacado and Goldfish Farm in bushland Caboolture. Before long, her Father’s work took them and her Commodore-64 lovin’ bro, to Roi-et Thailand where she attended school for the first 4 years of her educational life.

It was in Thailand while exposed to the wonderful world of overly cute asian style characters, where Fiona’s love of drawing took off. Visually force-fed by the nightly children’s cartoon announcements on TV to brush your teeth and go to bed, to the many ‘How-to-draw-that-thing’ books that her parents exposed her to, it was inevidiable that one day she would turn her passion into a career.

Fast forward a couple of years and many art classes later, Fiona now has her own design studio ‘Pounce Creative’ where she can’t quite believe people pay her to make pretty pictures all-the-doo-long-day. Daily inspiration comes from her 2 studio cats who love nothing more than to sit on her keyboard and smack her in the face, as well as her partner-in-crime who prefers to remain nameless (he’s shy).

Along with the above, she is a proud member of the esteemed Bikey Gang / Illustration Agency ‘Jacky Winter’ and regulary exhibits work at the hounourable Melbourne Art Gallery ‘No Vacancy’.

Fiona hopes you enjoy her online shop, and perhaps buy a little treat or two. Go on. YOU DESERVE IT! WE ALL DO DAGNABBIT!

See more work!  Commision her to draw a baby quokka!



Pounce Creative – www.pounce.cr
Jacky Winter – www.jackywinter.com/artists/fiona-lee/